Part 6 – 1988 Garden Completion

By 1988, the newly designed garden was finished. Greene, along with Pasadena landscape architect Yosh Befu and contractor Julian Damas, collaborated to “create a garden in which the choice of plants reflected her long interest in California native species and those of other Mediterranean climates while the irrigation system demonstrated Befu’s expertise in the latest water-saving technology.” The goals of the garden inspired by Clement and the Garden Club and executed by Greene and Befu were to create an educational resource for the community which would demonstrate good garden design, sound horticultural practice, range of water use along with water-saving irrigation, to promote plants which survive in a Mediterranean climate and to increase community awareness and enjoyment of the Arroyo Seco.

La Casita in 1988

“A garden such as La Casita belongs to and is created by everybody. It lives, and fulfills, and creates a life far beyond the initial vision. Furthermore, it is necessarily managed by a series of people. As club members rotate in and out of offices and responsibilities they put their unique touch to it. Even the basic maintenance is done by [a] series of gardeners, each one with different abilities.” (Greene, p. 13) “What is outstanding in my memory is [Garden Club member] Pat Compton who, together with her husband, [Dick], during a certain period, fairly heroically maintained the garden by themselves. Also a consultant, Jamie Nakashima, became involved.” (Greene, p. 14)

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